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“I’m not interested in using Business Software!”

- 6 Reasons to keep this attitude...

On a regular basis I consult with business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs who are quite comfortable voicing that they are “not a computer person and don’t plan on becoming one”. Now obviously that makes it relatively difficult to have a discussion about using business software, so naturally I attempt to present some reasons they should do away with this attitude about using business software, let alone a computer.

The hard part in doing this, as you may have guessed, is that unless you have actually experienced the benefits of software automation in some form, it’s really difficult to picture it when someone tries to explain it to you. Interestingly enough, it’s actually quite easy to describe some reasons NOT to use business software!
So, if you happen to be one of those proud “I’m not a computer person” types, then here are 6 reasons to keep that perspective, enjoy!

Reason #1 - You enjoy repetition:

By not using business software, you will be provided with plenty of opportunity to do the same thing over, and over, and..... Things like sending an email every time you generate a new inquiry, a new customer, or when you haven’t been in contact with a customer over a period of time can be automated with business software, but why bother when you can showcase how good you are at typing the same message each time right!? Further each month when it’s time to tally up the books, instead of using automated bookkeeping features found in software, isn’t it more fun to reminisce on that accounting course you took in high school by doing it by hand, after all you’re not a computer person!

Reason #2 - You have an incredible 6th Sense:

Have you ever guessed what time of day it is and then when you looked at a clock it was that exact time? Some of us who have run a business for long enough can actually apply that same skill to making important decisions, like guessing what marketing campaign is bringing in results and which one is not. Right? There is no need for business software when you can sense a trend changing and make the appropriate adjustments early enough to prevent lost opportunities. The best of all is being able to predict exactly which one of your customers is most likely to buy something from you right now, instead of using a system to create hot lists based on criteria that will isolate which contacts are the low hanging fruit...

Reason #3 – You have sales staff that would never make a mistake, exaggerate, lie to you, or quit:

Although sales staff are notorious for all of the above, some of us have found a way to hire only salespeople who report only conservative forecasts, and would never stretch the truth about any deals they failed to close. In those cases there is no need to have business software that will show you the facts about each salesperson’s activity levels, who they are working with currently, what stage the opportunity is in, and the likelihood of closing the deal in a given timeframe.
Further, with sales staff like that, there is nothing wrong with phrases like “probably”, “about”, and “most likely” when it comes to forecasting your revenue – if you have partners you report to, they’ll understand if you can’t provide concrete numbers right?
Lastly, if they ever quit, your sales staff would definitely take the time to hand over all their notes on every contact/opportunity/account, they’d never hold that information hostage and leave with it, which is another great reason not to use business software to store that info.

Reason #4 - You want to do your part in stimulating the economy:

Are you one of those people who refuse to use an ATM machine in order to support the employment of bank clerks? What about going out and buying a Hummer to sit in traffic with? If yes then wait just a second! There’s a much better way to overspend: don’t use business software! This way you can overspend on marketing efforts even if they’re not working, you can pay staff to do things you could automate, and you can pay your accountant their rate so that they can turn around and pay a bookkeeper much less to do their work for them. Everyone wins without business software! (Except you).

Reason #5 - Tablets are also too hard to use:

When you are “not a computer person”, that should mean you are “not a tablet person” too. The idea of touch screens with big buttons is just absurd. The idea of being able to use business software on a tablet you or your staff can take it everywhere and have real time info about your business, enter notes about conversations, make sales, or generate new contacts at all times is of no interest to you. It’s just too hard to get used to, and after all – you don’t have time to spend learning these things right now, you have a business to run!

Reason #6 – You have customers that will regularly come to you to find out what your latest offer is without being reminded:

One of the biggest reasons to use business software is to leverage referral business from your existing customers, as well as keep your customers informed about what your business is up to, including new product or service offers they can take advantage of. Of course none of this can happen if you don’t maintain a database of all your customers, one that is linked to an email program, social media channels, and can get the word out for you. Good thing your customers come to you regularly and ask about these things so you don’t have to keep them informed – phew!

Reason #7 – You DO want to do this for the rest of your life

A business without a system in 2011 is basically worthless, with no historical data that you can easily access it makes a business difficult to evaluate and even more difficult to sell. Beyond difficult, it’s virtually impossible to duplicate yourself if all the processes your manager needs to learn are only found in your head. Good thing you DO want to do this all day, every day, for the rest of your life.

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